Five hundred years before the birth of Aleksandor, the wizard Tai-Sung dueled with Vanmur in the demon-wizard's first emergence since his corporate death. The contest took place near Mt. Orduin in the midst of a battle between marauding Surks led by their merciless leader, the morikhun Khazantuim, and the defenders of Dar-Kursk. Vanmur was on the verge of destroying Tai-Sung when he mysteriously broke off the attack and retreated to his refuge in the netherworld of Vahashkur.

His powers all but eliminated as a result of the sorcery duel, Tai-Sung returned to his homeland of Tsu-Mon and remained a recluse until called by Aramine to come back to Dar-Kursk and rescue the infant Aleksandor from the possibility of capture by Elsaer.

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