Destined a thousand years before his birth to be a wizard, young Aleksandor is thrown from the start into the maelstrom of events that are engulfing Llandwellyn. As an infant he is the object of a harrowing rescue by the fading wizard Tai-Sung and is then raised by the demanding but caring mage Daiman. As an adult his first quest is to save the seer Aramine from her enemy, the scheming mage Elsaer.

Hampered by lack of experience, Aleksandor must learn quickly to control his growing skills and evade the scenarios planned by his many foes. His ultimate challenge will be a confrontation with the mad demon-wizard Vanmur who will soon emerge from dormancy and wreak his vowed revenge on all sorcerers in Llandwellyn except for the dreaded morikhuns.

In the meantime Aleksandor is embroiled in an impending war led by the morikhuns that threatens to destroy all of Llandwellyn. Intrigue, narrow escapes, fierce fighting and liberal use of magic mark the wizard's actions as he becomes aware that the war, the impending return of Vanmur, and the mysterious motives of Elsaer are intertwined into a scheme more frightening than any could have envisioned.

Accompanied by his crafty mentor Daiman, his lover and confidante Aramine, and later by the renegade morikhun Sebastian, the wizard is well aware that he is the last of his kind. And if he should perish, so will Llandwellyn.

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