For two and a half thousand years the seer Aramine has witnessed and participated in much of Llandwellyn's history. Her unique skills allow her to project herself to wherever she wishes, and her observations have have either saved or toppled many an empire and kingdom.

Tempestuous by nature, she will be either one's closest ally or most implacable enemy. In the novel, she has sworn to guide Aleksandor in his bequeathed quest to thwart the warlock led war and ultimately destroy the specter of the demon-wizard Vanmur. Though she always remains the wizard's teacher, her feelings for him grow quickly until they are deeply in love.

Imperiling her plans is the mage Elsaer, who although professing special knowledge that will enable him, with Aleksandor's assistance, to stop the threats to Llandwellyn, arouses suspicion as to his true intents.

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