A madman born with the trait that allowed him to become a wizard, Vanmur emerged from the frigid north of Norvansken at the same time the wizard Gilman was exploring his own growing talents. Norvansken's mage-king Jaeden "tamed" Vanmur by convincing him that Gilman would not tolerate the existence of another wizard and would seek to destroy him.

Vanmur thus began a campaign to eliminate Gilman. For King Jaeden this was a shrewd gesture that kept both wizards so occupied that Gilman could do little to stop the king's impending invasion of Llandwellyn while Vanmur would not use his powers to usurp his leige.

Absorbed by cruelty and an insane fear that all other sorcerers except for the barbaric morikhuns, existed just to torment him, Vanmur performed unspeakable acts of barbarism. The once gentle Gilman became embittered and began the descent to the road of madness himself. Several years after their battle began, Vanmur met Gilman on Mt. Orduin for what the mad wizard professed would be their final duel.

And it was. Both died in the ensuing duel though each left a very different legacy. Gilman created two shirnas, or traits of sorcery, that would allow a pair of future wizards to exist. This was done in realization of how Vanmur planned to survive physical death.

The Norvansken wizard merged his spirit with that of a demon from the netherworld of Vahashkur. Though he could only return to the world of the living in Llandwellyn every five hundred years, Vanmur's potential to regain his power was intact. And while he was dormant in Vahashkur, he was immune to anyone except for another wizard.

With each emergence Vanmur vowed to destroy every sorcerer alive with the exception of the feared morikhuns. If his power was exhausted before achieving his goal he would return to dormancy. But he would continue to emerge every five centuries until he was ultimately triumphant, and again except for the morikhuns, no other sorcerer existed.

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