KMAC Championships in 1997

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On March 15, 1997, KMAC was awarded Best Team Trophy at the 28th Annual 
U.C. Berkeley Open Tae Kwon Do Championship. KMAC earned two more 
team points than the U.C. Berkeley Martial Arts home team. Trophies were 
also received for: 

Most Competitors 
Best Junior Black Belt Fighter: Sonny-Ryan Jung
Best Senior Black Belt Female (Heavyweight Division): Aurelia Edmisten 
(who along with her two gold medals was also awarded a trip to Korea) 

On March 29, 1997, KMAC followed the success at Berkeley with trophies 
at the California State Junior Olympic Tae Kwon Do Championships for: 
Most Competitors Best Team 

In Forms KMAC won 21 Gold Medals, 13 Silver and 11 Bronze. Sparring saw 
the winning of 35 Gold Medals, 7 Silver and 12 Bronze. Nearly every 
competitor brought home a medal. KMAC has dominated both the U.C. Berkeley
Open and the California State Junior Olympics for over ten years. 

The U.S. National Junior Olympics was held in Louisville, Kentucky from 
June 30 through July 5, 1997. 25 competitors from KMAC qualified for this 
premiere martial arts event and brought home 16 Gold Medals, 6 Silver and
22 Bronze.

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