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The Wizards Of Llandwellyn

by Eric Wilson
Outline of Volume 1 - The Legacy of Gilman

				Chapter 1

	The story opens with a confrontation between Aramine and Elsaer.  
They are mages, the most powerful type of sorcerer in Llandwellyn except 
for wizards.  Elsaer manipulates Aramine into committing a grave political 
murder so he can have a legitimate reason to incarcerate her.  She 
escapes the initial trap set by Elsaer, and takes refuge in the caverns 
of her home in Mt. Orduin.  Elsaer is not able to enter the mountain, but 
he does set a magical barrier backed by armed sentries at the only entrance
to keep Aramine from leaving.  
	The scene is a subterfuge of Elsaer's to gain political favor.  But 
his true reason is to force Aramine to surrender her knowledge of the 
location of the infant wizard Aleksandor.  Elsaer wants that secret since 
Aleksandor is the key to the very different versions of a future Llandwellyn
that Elsaer and Aramine want to see.
	Both know that Aleksandor is the last wizard Llandwellyn will know. 
And as such, he is the only hope of ending the nightmare posed by the mad 
demon-wizard Vanmur.  Vanmur has vowed to return every five hundred years 
and destroy every sorcerer he can with the exception of the vicious 
morikhuns who plague much of Llandwellyn.  And when he has killed his 
last rival, he will eliminate the potential for any future enemy 
sorcerers to exist.
	Vanmur's return is predicted within three decades.  And it will 
coincide with a two pronged invasion of Llandwellyn by morikhun led armies 
ruled by Ghanzeg in the East and Zorsten in the West.  Aramine wants to 
raise and train Aleksandor to confront the morikhuns and ultimately Vanmur. 
Elsaer professes the same motives, but has a historical distrust of Aramine.
He promises to keep Aramine sealed in Orduin until she surrenders.
	Aramine is convinced Elsaer wants to control Aleksandor so he will 
obey only his directives.  She thinks Elsaer is a coward who will sacrifice
all of Llandwellyn to the morikhuns if Aleksandor will only conserve 
himself to confront Vanmur and no one else.

				Chapter 2

	Aramine comes up with a scheme to potentially outwit Elsaer.  She can
 place herself into a type of hibernation  for up to twenty-five years.  
By the end of that time, she believes Aleksandor will be powerful enough to
break Elsaer's guard.  In the meantime, she uses her unique skills as a 
seer to project herself to Vanmur's homeland of Norvansken.  Intending to 
only read his energy levels so she can confirm her feeling that he will 
not emerge until Aleksandor is ready for him, she is drawn towards 
nightmarish scenes of morikhun savagery.  She realizes that they have 
suddenly developed magical powers far beyond their accepted capabilities. 
	Worse is that the energy for these abilities is being drained from 
the dormant Vanmur.  She has a vision of a mysterious figure creating that 
energy tap.  At the same time Vanmur awakens to further taunt her. 
Unfortunately, Aramine's own energy is so depleted that she can do 
nothing else.

				Chapter 3

	Aleksandor is in the home of his peasant grandmother when a 
mysterious elderly man comes to the door late in the night.  After talking 
his way in, he casts a spell to convince the grandmother that everything he
says is the truth.  He says he is Tai-Sung, the only other living wizard 
and the last to have faced Vanmur, over five hundred years before.  Though 
Vanmur was forced to break off the attack and re-entered dormancy, 
Tai-Sung's abilities were so damaged that he was left with only a few 
talents.   He had been contacted by Aramine to try to retrieve Aleksandor 
before the relentless Elsaer found him.  
	This he does, but not before a narrow escape from a band of soldiers 
led by Mikara, a foul necromancer employed by Elsaer to help his search.  

				Chapter 4

	Tai-Sung shape changes himself to an old woman and Aleksandor to a 
cat so he can continue his escape.  He barely outwits Mikara a second time.
A week later, he completes a journey on foot to Lithorin, a country so 
embedded with magic that it can confuse the best efforts of  Elsaer and his 
minions to find Aleksandor. 
	Tai-Sung then meets with Daiman, who besides Aramine and Elsaer is 
the only other mage.  Gruff, demanding, crafty and pragmatic, Daiman has 
reluctantly agreed to care for Aleksandor until Aramine can be freed.  He 
is assisted in this effort by Elisha, an esoteric sorceress called a 

				Chapter 5

	Aleksandor displays amazing precocity though he is only eight months 
old.  Daiman and Tai-Sung believe he was infused with latent knowledge from 
the first wizard, Gilman.  But  Gilman was nearly insane from the atrocities 
he had suffered and witnessed during his long duel with Vanmur.  He created 
the traits of wizardry for Tai-Sung and Aleksandor, who otherwise would 
have been mages, then made an unprecedented time leap through time to implant the traits
just before his final duel with Vanmur.  
	He foresaw Vanmur surviving physical death by merging his spirit with 
that of a demon from the Netherworld of Vahashkur.   Only a wizard could 
harm him in that state, thus Gilman sacrificed much of his waning energy to 
create a legacy to combat his enemy.  Unfortunately part of that legacy was 
the potential for the same madness that had afflicted him.

				Chapter 6

	Twenty-five years later, Aramine emerges from hibernation.  Her 
energy nearly exhausted, she still has no way to escape the traps Elsaer 
has placed around Mt. Orduin.  Desperately, she tries to telepathically 
contact Aleksandor, but cannot get a coherent response.

				Chapter 7

	Aleksandor and Daiman discuss the ramifications of a frightening new 
morikhun skill, the ability to move themselves and small groups of human 
subordinates under opaque, moving covers of mists.  Effective action cannot 
be taken until it is too late, as is illustrated by an attack on an 
isolated farm in eastern Lithorin.  All signs point to an imminent 
invasion, one that no one in Llandwellyn is prepared to face.  Worse, 
the coming war is shaping up as part of a much larger scheme.  It is 
appearing more and more that it is linked with Vanmur's coming 

				Chapter 8

	That same night, Aleksandor is alone when he receives and finally 
understands a telepathic message, or "mind-link" from Aramine.  She begs 
for him to come to Mt. Orduin so she can complete his training.  Sensing 
that she is dying, Aleksandor agrees, though he is plagued with self doubt 
regarding his abilities.

				Chapter 9

	Daiman is not pleased with Aleksandor's decision, but must 
reluctantly agree with his logic, that Aramine will die within a few weeks 
unless she is rescued.  As the oldest sorcerer and by far the most 
knowledgeable of Vanmur and wizardry, her survival is essential.  
Aleksandor is told that he must go alone, Daiman cannot leave Lithorin 
with morikhuns running amok in her eastern reaches.

				Chapter 10

	After a few adventures, Aleksandor reaches Mt. Orduin.  There he is 
attacked by the morikhun Bozek, who had trailed him from Lithorin with 
stealth that not even a wizard could unmask.  Bozek attempts to subdue the 
young wizard with surprise and drugs that block his ability to reach his 
powers.  Aleksandor resists with a martial arts display, but when Bozek 
jabs him with a needle tipped with the drugs, he is afraid that he must 
submit.  Bozek makes it clear that he only wants to capture Aleksandor, 
not kill him.
	Before he can complete his attack, Bozek is driven off by a 
frightening illusion generated by Aramine.  Falling into a chasm, it seems 
certain that he is dead.  Aleksandor recovers from the drugs, and heads 
once more towards the entrance to Orduin's caverns, but not before 
realizing that he has learned some important lessons from the experience.
	At the entrance, the wizard breaks Elsaer's guard of magic and human 
sentries.  He is then allowed inside the mountain by its guardian spirit, 
Vashkaya.  Though injured and exhausted, he still makes his way to the 
cavern in which Aramine resides.

				Chapter 11

	Aramine uses her highly developed charms to enrapture Aleksandor.  
In the course of an hour, they discuss Elsaer's ambitions, Aleksandor's 
fate to protect Llandwellyn, and their personal feelings.  They also think 
that Bozek was acting under Elsaer's orders. Aleksandor at first feels that 
he is completely under Aramine's control, though she is using almost no 
sorcery, just her wiles.  Despite Aramine's volatile personality, 
Aleksandor eventually finds the will to resist.  Rather than angering her, 
this prompts her to treat the wizard with the same respect that he quickly develops for her.

				Chapter 12

	Aleksandor is given a spell that had been locked inside Aramine for 
nearly a thousand years.  Created by Gilman, the spell is a catalyst that 
allows Aleksandor to complete the evolution of his powers in one night 
instead of the decades it would otherwise take.  But he will still need 
much training in proper uses of those powers.
	During the spell, Aleksandor has a vision of Gilman, who begs the 
young wizard to atone his failure to destroy Vanmur.  Aleksandor is then 
beset by visions of the devastation wrought by Vanmur's insane, 
uncontrollable rage. 

				Chapter 13

	After a lesson in applying his new abilities, Aleksandor informs 
Aramine of his intention to meet Elsaer.  Aramine nearly demands that 
Aleksandor try to hurt him, though the wizard disagrees.  He wants to get 
the truth behind Elsaer's relentless attempts to snare him.  Aramine is 
worried that Elsaer could still find a way to control the wizard's will.  
But  Aleksandor is stubborn and sets off.

				Chapter 14

	Ensconced in a tower in the nearby ancient city of Dar-Kursk, Elsaer 
greets Aleksandor with almost bored indifference.  He admits that he wants 
the wizard for an ally, but refuses to divulge in what capacity.  
Maintaining an aloof attitude, Elsaer is evasive and subtly taunting.  
Eventually, Aleksandor's temper gets the best of them, and they agree to 

				Chapter 15

	The sorcery duel begins as a trial of strength.  Then Elsaer slyly 
begins a spell that will act on another's free will.  His defenses 
penetrated easily because of his inexperience, Aleksandor counters by 
creating a high pitched sound that so torments Elsaer he cannot continue 
his assault.
	That ends the duel.  Elsaer has still not revealed anything that can 
condemn him and Aleksandor knows he will not unveil anything else by 
staying.  Angrily he leaves.  A few hours later, Elsaer's tower explodes 
into flame.  Aleksandor resists the obvious lure to return as he senses 
another trap.

				Chapter 16

	Back in Mt. Orduin, Aleksandor and Aramine recount what went on with 
Elsaer.  At first Aramine is upset that the wizard didn't seem to 
accomplish anything.  She then helps him recall images he had stored of 
Elsaer's tower.  Aramine is horrified to discover direct evidence linking 
Elsaer with the vile Zorsten, ruler of the western morikhun realm of 

				Chapter 17

	Deciding to follow the link, Aramine projects herself to Zorsten's 
stronghold of Khalzhestok.  After witnessing his sadism, Aramine finds 
Zorsten with a large crystal that is imbued with tremendous energy.  
The source of the mist spells and other nefarious talents of the 
morikhuns, Aramine discovers a second unpleasant property about the 
crystal.  It  gives Zorsten the ability to drive her away so she cannot 
continually use her ability as a seer to observe him.  This is a skill 
Elsaer had developed for himself many years ago.
	Aramine returns to Mt. Orduin, where she and Aleksandor conclude that 
Elsaer is indeed the driving force behind the coming war.  And that he has 
even become so bold and skilled that he can tap Vanmur for the energy 
needed by his minions without alerting the dreaded demon-wizard.
	They then conclude that it may be possible to find some more 
confirmation and answers in the Hidden Archives of Dar-Kursk, an esoteric and arcane 
collection of writings about history and sorcery.

				Chapter 18

	Six days later, Aramine can at last confirm that Elsaer has left 
Dar-Kursk.  She and Aleksandor enter the city, the wizard to visit the 
Hidden Archives, Aramine to wander in the marketplace.  The Hidden 
Archives are controlled by a cult founded after the death of the wizard 
Gilman.  Devoted to research and the truth, the Hidden Archives do not 
contain any falsehoods and can only be accessed by those without rancor 
in their hearts.  Unable to subdue her hatred of Elsaer, Aramine would not 
be able to find anything about him.
	A subtle display of magic is necessary for Aleksandor to get by the 
cantankerous scribe guarding the entrance to the Hidden Archives.  Once 
inside, he is greeted by Marcel, the Chief Scribe.  A gregarious man, 
Marcel seems to believe Aleksandor's story that he is an illusionist and 
wandering scholar.  The wizard is not comfortable revealing his identity 
just yet.
	Also in the archives is an intense man who does not want to be 
disturbed.  After much effort, Aleksandor unlocks the subtle psychic index 
to the works in the room.
	Many hours later, the wizard finishes the last words on Elsaer.  An 
enigma his entire life, Elsaer has a keen understanding of human wiles and 
has used them in the past to amass an enormous fortune and political 
power.  Unfortunately, he is crafty enough to ensure that anything too 
revealing does not get into the archives.

				Chapter 19

	Marcel sneaks up on the wizard and discovers that he has read 
everything in the archives about Elsaer.   Aleksandor realizes that Marcel 
has also seen through his story.  Marcel is seemingly ambivalent regarding 
Elsaer.  The conversation is overheard by the intense looking man, who is 
revealed to be Lord Errin, ruler of Harradin, the largest country in 
western Llandwellyn.
	At first suspicious of the wizard, Errin later warms to him.  He is 
worried about his nation being unprepared for war.  Aleksandor feels that 
he is about to become involved in changing that.

				Chapter 20

	After leaving the hidden Archives, Aleksandor receives a panicked 
mind-link from Aramine.  Running to the marketplace, he finds her 
surrounded by a large mob led by the necromancer Mikara.  She is urging the 
mob of downtrodden residents of Dar-Kursk to kill Aramine for the crime 
of murdering the man who was once the leader of Harradin.
	Reluctant to use his powers on these people, Aleksandor suddenly 
finds himself and Aramine under attack.  His martial arts skills work for 
a while, but the wizard is finally subdued.  Separated from Aramine, the 
wizard watches a pile of wood ignite so it could be his and Aramine's 
funeral pyre.
	Aleksandor is still hesitant about employing potentially devastating 
sorcery on unarmed peasants, most of whom have no idea what they're doing.  
He decides on a more subdued application.  Drawing fire from the pyre, the 
wizard first strikes a man intent on raping Aramine.  He then surrounds 
himself and Aramine with a wall of flame to keep the others away.
	A few attempt to cross the barrier and are burned to death.  The 
rest of the mob leaves, but not before the man who tried to assault 
Aramine invokes a quick magical attack on her.  Aleksandor focuses on the 
man, and is stunned to discover that he is the morikhun Bozek.  Unfortunately,
he slips away before the wizard can cause him more harm.
	Finally, Aleksandor and Aramine escape.  Aramine is hurt badly.  The 
wizard decides to take her to the Hidden Archives because nearby there 
is an infirmary.  Also, his healing skills are not yet that refined.
	In the infirmary, Marcel helps tend to Aramine.  The attack by 
Bozek was designed to block her from using her seer's skills.  Since she 
is the only seer, all of her enemies, not just Elsaer and Zorsten, could 
now plan with little chance of discovery.
	Marcel and Aleksandor have a long discussion.  Marcel reveals that 
Aramine's power is rapidly ebbing, and that despite her youthful 
appearance, time has finally caught up.  Only her seer's talents remain, 
and those will be denied for at least six more months.
	The wizard is then told that the entire scenario looked like yet 
another elaborate snare for himself and Aramine.  If nothing else, Elsaer 
is persistent.

				Chapter 21

	Zorsten receives a nocturnal visit from a mysterious man he calls 
"The Benefactor", who is a contrivance created by Elsaer.   He is the 
provider of  Zorsten's new sorcery and information on how to prepare to 
invade western Llandwellyn.  Zorsten  is informed of Bozek's and Mikara's 
latest failure to capture Aleksandor and Aramine.  Zorsten is then told to 
come up with two more plans.  First, Lord Errin has deduced that he is 
about to strike and is organizing resistance that could eventually 
overwhelm his magic.  Zorsten  is to deal with that first by arranging 
Lord Errin's death.  Then he is to create another trap for 

				Chapter 22

	Aleksandor unveils a new skill when he projects his image and 
consciousness to Lord Errin one night.  It is four months after the 
assault in the marketplace and little has changed except that Errin has 
been consulting with Marcel and Aleksandor on how to prepare for the war 
Zorsten will inevitably launch.  They have decided to merge the armies of 
Harradin and neighboring Montegrav, then crush Khadzar before they can 
attack.  Then that army will be sent East to help prevent the enemy forces 
there from breaking out and coming west.

				Chapter 23

	Returning to Orduin, Aleksandor and Aramine discuss what has 
happened.  Her seer's talent has just returned, but both are worried about 
what took place that she could not observe, though they feel that Elsaer 
has returned to his homeland in the East.
	The scene shifts to an inn, where an aide to King Isaac of Montegrav
is on his way to a council of eastern nations to plan a joint defense against
the morikhuns.  The aide is ambushed by Bozek, but kills himself before 
revealing any information.

				Chapter 24

	Two months later, Aleksandor and Aramine receive a messenger from 
Lord Errin stating that King Isaac is in Dar-Kursk to sign the treaty 
merging Montegrav's and Harradin's armies.  Aleksandor and Aramine are 
asked to go to the city to meet with Isaac and Errin.  At that meeting, Aramine 
confirms that Errin's aide was killed by Bozek, then concludes that Errin 
wants her and Aleksandor along for his protection.  Aleksandor feels that 
the setting will be perfect for Elsaer's next move, since his primary 
sorcerer and human foes will be gathered together.

				Chapter 25

	 The wizard is convinced that an assassination attempt will be made 
that day against both Errin and the king.  As Isaac and Errin discuss 
details of the treaty to merge their armies, the wizard detects Mikara's 
presence.  Hiding in a special spy chamber, she is relaying to Bozek the 
precise location of everyone.
	Aleksandor convinces Errin that Isaac should spend the 
night in a villa outside of Dar-Kursk.  Where they are presently is too 
heavily defended for even a morikhun to get very far.  The intent is to 
turn the tables on Elsaer by drawing his minions into a trap.  Mikara is 
the first victim.  Aleksandor slips into the chamber and kills her.  
Meanwhile, Aramine takes over her mind-link with Bozek to try to  
fool him into thinking Mikara is still the one transmitting.
	Isaac finally leaves, with Aleksandor and Aramine 
discretely following so as not to alert Bozek.  Unfortunately, the wily 
morikhun fooled both, and was already in the lightly guarded villa ready 
to waylay his victims.

				Chapter 26

	Aleksandor and Aramine arrive at the villa in time to find Isaac 
still alive, but Bozek dead from a magical attack.  With them 
is Marcel.  Wary that they are not out of danger, Aleksandor starts to 
examine Marcel and is stunned when he shape changes to Daiman.
	Daiman had placed the real Marcel under a sleeping spell then 
undertook his identity several months before.  Partially to keep an eye 
on Aleksandor and also to more easily keep track of Bozek.  He would have 
to risk any mayhem Zorsten could carry out in Lithorin in the meantime.  
Through a series of ruses, Daiman had placed himself in the midst of Errin 
and Isaac's war preparations.  He had deduced Elsaer's role and Zorsten's 
position as Elsaer's lackey.
	By design he was in the villa when Bozek attacked, and killed him 
as he was about to strike King Isaac.  Unfortunately, Zorsten will soon 
learn of Bozek's death and will unleash his forces in panic.  He will be 
afraid that Isaac and Errin will soon be able to raise an army powerful 
enough to defeat his magically enhanced forces.  And Bozek was his only 
agent in a position to stop them.

				Chapter 27

	Elsaer contemplates what has happened.  Much depended on Aleksandor 
and Aramine's eventual capture and the deaths of King Isaac and Lord 
Errin.  His schedule for conquest has been upset.  He has one more chance, 
and contacts Zorsten to put another plan into play, one to entice 
Aleksandor and Daiman into his stronghold.

				Chapter 28

	A week later, Aleksandor and Aramine are sent a message from 
Daiman, who had since returned to Lithorin, that Zorsten has started his 
war.  His forces are sweeping through Lithorin and cannot be stopped by 
conventional means.  Eventually he will exhaust himself, but not before 
grave loss of life has occurred.
	Racing on horseback to Lithorin, Aleksandor an Aramine witnesses a nation 
caught in the nightmare of a sudden and devastating war.  Before they can 
reach Daiman, the young wizard receives a mind-link regarding the kidnapping by morikhun 
agents of his foster mother Elisha, to whom he was very close.  At 
Daiman's cottage, many things happen at once.  Aleksandor and Aramine 
are first asked to cure the physical and mental injuries inflicted on 
Elisha's daughter Tirsha, and Sebastian, who is revealed to be a morikhun.  
Daiman explains that Sebastian was raised outside of Khadzar, and until 
discovered by the mage, had no idea of his true nature.  
	Sebastian tried to intervene with Elisha's abduction, but failed.
Daiman says that the event was designed to goad Aleksandor into a suicidal 
rescue.  Which is just what will be done.  Elisha will be taken to Zorsten's fortress 
Khalzhestok, which is in the heart of Zorsten's realm.  Daiman proposes 
that he, Aleksandor and Sebastian allow themselves to be captured, since 
they'll also be brought before Zorsten.  Then once inside, they'll have 
to overcome a large garrison, the tricks and traps of Khalzhestok, find 
Elisha, but most important of all, destroy Zorsten's energy crystal that is 
still the focus of his power then finally kill Zorsten. 
	Two things will help, first is Sebastian's inherent morikhun stealth, 
endurance, and near invulnerability to the magical influences of his own 
kind.  Second are a pair of "fireswords."  Ancient weapons discovered by 
incredible chance by Daiman, once activated by the proper spells they can 
easily cut through armor, flesh and bone and cauterize any wound.

				Chapter 29

	Daiman, Aleksandor and Sebastian leave for Khadzar on horseback.  Aramine stays 
behind to provide remote sorcery assistance.  At a rest stop, Daiman 
privately tells Aleksandor that there is a danger regarding Sebastian.  
Under extreme duress, the hereditary evil side of his morikhun nature could 
emerge.  If so, Sebastian would have to be killed, else he would jeopardize 
the mission.  Aleksandor is distressed, as he and Sebastian are rapidly 
becoming good friends.
	A night later, as the group is camping near the battle lines, a 
group of morikhuns emerge from an artificial fog.  With minimal resistance 
Aleksandor, Daiman and Sebastian surrender.  Then Daiman strikes the 
morikhun leader after an insult, and is badly wounded by a soldier.  
Aleksandor tries to fight, but is quickly immobilized by drugs that block 
access to his powers.

				Chapter 30

	Two days later the group is inside Khalzhestok.  Khadzar itself is 
a disorienting land twisted by the morikhuns to either offend or confuse 
one's senses.  Khalzhestok, an imposing fortress with deep, multi-layered 
dungeons, is a formidable place.  Over two hundred morikhun and human 
subordinates make up the garrison.
	The prisoners are taken before Zorsten.  His frail physical 
appearance is a complete counter to his power, and his behavior is 
calculated madness.  The prisoners are forced to endure much abuse, 
including a blinding of Daiman.  Elisha is driven to state of catatonia 
from which she can never recover.  Many times, Aleksandor nearly loses all 
self control, which is what Zorsten wants.  Despite being a pawn of 
Elsaer's, he knows that he and the other morikhuns will be spared Vanmur's 
curse when he returns.  Elsaer's only real control is convincing Zorsten 
that by fulfilling his objectives, his massive ego will be satisfied with 
a grand empire.
	The prisoners are then thrown into separate cells deep in the 
dungeons.  Aleksandor is at the very bottom cell.  Still drugged and well 
guarded, the wizard cannot at first believe that Daiman could ever bungle 
like this.  
	But after thinking for a while, he realizes that Daiman did 
everything for a reason.  Even his getting wounded while being captured 
was calculated.  A reflex release of energy when that happened transmitted 
to Aleksandor several special magical techniques, including an antidote to 
the immobilizing drugs.  Realizing now that the mission is indeed going as 
Daiman had planned, the wizard also realizes that the burden of completing 
it is now his.

				Chapter 31
	Cleverly avoiding detection by his guards, Aleksandor contacts 
Aramine to set up a deception that will allow him to pinpoint the location 
of Zorsten's crystal and set the stage for escape from his cell.  That 
done, he employs a mix of magic and fighting skills to slay his guards. 
	Fleeing his cell, he contacts Daiman and Sebastian, though first he 
concocts a way to keep Zorsten convinced for at least a few minutes that 
nothing has happened.  Sebastian is sprung free, but Daiman stays put.  
He had not counted on even the sadistic Zorsten blinding him, but is 
prepared nonetheless to offer indirect assistance to Aleksandor.
	Retrieving the fireswords, Aleksandor and Sebastian move quickly 
through the dungeons in hopes of fighting the garrison in small groups.  
At first they do well, but fatigue, injuries, and unexpected magical 
devices start to take their toll.

				Chapter 32

	Improvising as they continue, Aleksandor and Sebastian are involved 
in a series of encounters, each requiring a combination of innovative 
techniques and fighting expertise to handle.  Edging closer to Zorsten, 
they then become involved in a bitter fight with two morikhuns.  Sebastian 
kills one, but before he dies, he claims that he is the renegade morikhun's 
father.  Already under considerable strain, that is enough to touch the 
evil side Daiman had warned Aleksandor about.  Sebastian attacks the 
wizard, but gets a grip on himself just long enough to flee.
	Near despair, Aleksandor finds a secure hiding place and contacts 
Daiman.  As expected, Daiman had a plan for this eventuality, despite his 
order that Sebastian be killed.  Augmenting a mind-link with intimate 
understanding of morikhun psychology, Daiman, after a struggle, undoes the 
damage to Sebastian's psyche.
	Meanwhile, Aleksandor comes up with a scheme to fool Zorsten into 
moving the garrison away from him.  However, nothing can hide what Daiman 
had done to retain Sebastian's services.  Zorsten orders five morikhuns to 
go to Daiman's cell and combine their powers to silence his mind-link 
	Intent on doing more harm than that, the morikhuns try to savage 
Daiman's sorcery ability.  Daiman had decided long ago that he would 
end up this way, and put together one last stratagem against his hated 
enemy Zorsten.  Believing that at this point self sacrifice is the best 
thing he could do for his cause, Daiman uses a final spell to convert 
his spirit and body into pure energy.  Flashing throughout Khalzhestok, 
his energy collapses most of the passageways between Aleksandor and the 
rest of garrison, while leaving the way to Zorsten clear.  At the same 
time, he ends Elisha's suffering.

				Chapter 33

	Despite the shock of Daiman and Elisha's deaths, Aleksandor forces 
himself to leave his hiding place and resume his quest.  Joining up again 
with Sebastian, they break into the turret at the top of Khalzhestok where 
Zorsten has sequestered himself.  As the regrouped garrison tries to save 
their leader, Aleksandor renders him impotent, then destroys his energy 
crystal.  This drains almost all of the wizard's energy, and he passes out 
from the effort.
	Zorsten then revives and engages Sebastian in a sword fight.  He is 
on the verge of killing him when Aleksandor uses the last of his power to 
contact Aramine and get her to remotely transfer some of her own power.  
Thus revived, the wizard saves Sebastian and kills Zorsten with the same 
subtle magical technique Daiman used to kill Bozek.
	Aleksandor and Sebastian escape from Khalzhestok, though it takes 
some more effort to finally thwart their pursuers.  That done, they start 
back towards Lithorin knowing that with Zorsten dead, his forces will 
falter and finally be routed. 
	However, Ghanzeg's armies are even more formidable, Elsaer's 
adaptability could make the reprieve from Zorsten's demise only temporary, 
and ultimately, Vanmur will have to be faced.  Aleksandor's adventures 
have just begun.