I recently spent a week in northern Italy, which was hardly long enough but still it was a terrific experience.  I spent my time in Venice, Florence and Milan.  The photos are a combination of post card and book scans and my own photos.  All would have been my own except for a minor disaster caused by inexperience in using my new digital camera.  That just means I've got to return someday and this time use the long plane flight to memorize the manual for the camera.

Getting There - The Airlines

I flew three different British carriers on this trip.  Even in coach the meals and service were excellent!  The flight attendants were always courteous, efficient and attentive.  This is something almost every airline in the U.S. has sadly forgotten how to do.

Virgin Atlantic (They get an extra bonus for having the most attractive flight attendants I've ever seen)

British Midland

British Airways

In Italy