Original art "Lighthouse" created by me in Bryce

Welcome to my corner of the Internet. I'm a database administrator specializing in environmental information systems, a part time writer of science fiction and fantasy, painter of oriental style landscapes, creator of computer generated art, and hold a second degree black belt in hapkido. I live near San Francisco.

Computer Art 

A more recent venture is designing computer generated art in Corel's Bryce, including the newest version Bryce5. This amazing piece of software allows one to quickly create almost photorealistic, surrealistic, or fanciful images. I have recently begun enhancing these works through MetaCreation's Poser and Painter 5.5.  I've split my work into two sections, Landscapes and Science Fiction/Fantasy.

* New Works added December 24, 2002 to Landscapes Series*


Science Fiction and Fantasy

Canyon Series

Desert Series


A link to a synopsis, character sketches, and images of the world created for my most ambitious venture, the fantasy novel  The Wizards Of Llandwellyn as well as several short stories and non-fiction articles on martial arts and the Internet.

Favorite Publications And Writers  

Kind of an eclectic list, but then so are my tastes

Alternate Realities  on-line webzine for fantasy, science fiction, horror and art

Critter's Workshop excellent resource for writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror

Clive Cussler my favorite adventure writer

The Dilbert Zone  documentary of office workers everywhere

Duncan Long  accomplished published author and professional artist

Martial Arts Pictures and Links

Martial arts are a very important part of my life. I began studying Hapkido fifteen years ago and through it developed heightened self discipline and confidence. Hapkido is a blend of Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu and Judo and for outstanding training in a safe, supportive environment, try The Korean Martial Arts Center in San Francisco.

Oriental Landscape Painting

I've long been drawn to the Chinese landscapes of the Sung and Yuan Dynasties (about 1000 - 1300 AD). I have had training in painting in this style, and have added scans of some of my original paintings.  For historical information and images the National Palace Museum Taiwan has probably the finest collection in the world.  Other sites with excellent information and examples are:

China on Site

Art of Chinese Brush Painting

And a very small selection of my Original Paintings

Environmental Information Links   

My job involves managing the STORET water quality data systems for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These links go to useful environmental information and organizations.

Information Center for the Environment

National Resources Defense Council

Sierra Club

Techie Stuff

I've developed several software packages with Microsoft's Visual Basic. These links are to some excellent sources of software and help for Visual Basic and other software.

Microsoft's Official Visual Basic Site



Pets  Page Update.gif (1105 bytes) August 31, 2003

Here's where my furry collection gets their moment of glory. 


Friends and Family  

Here's some links to homepages belonging to relatives, friends, and assorted acquaintances. Please keep an open mind if you believe in the adage of judging a person by the company he keeps. But seriously, these are all wonderful folks.

My sister can be found at Michele

Hailing from Texas is the multi-talented Michelle Epperson

Another talented and lovely Texan by way of England is Jayne

Spuds aren't all that's produced in Idaho as proven by Michele Covino

Recently arrived from India is the charming Latha Suryaprasad

And finally a link to my annual sports torture, a university who's rallying cry is "we may not have a winning tradition but we still have more Nobel Prize winners", University of California, Berkeley



I enjoy keeping track of the countries in which people kind enough to view this webpage live.  To see maps that direct you to web directories of the history, culture, and attractions of these countries, please click on the name of a continent, then click on a place that is color highlighted.  More countries will be added as visitors from them find their way to this page:





        North America

        South America

Sorry, but no one from Antarctica has visited yet.

Comments? Please email me at ewilson

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Last updated September 20, 2003

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