KMAC Instructors

SBN Merrill Jung

  • Master Instructor
  • Trained in Korea under Grandmaster Ji, Han Jae and Grandmaster Lee, Soo Wong
  • Founder of Northern California Hapkido Association and World Martial Arts Association (WMAU)
  • Double Medalist at 16th Police and Olympic-Karate and other championships
  • Probation Juvenile Group Supervisor
  • Featured: Black Belt Magazine 4/88, 1/87Chuck Norris 'Yellow Faced Tiger' Epyx "World Championship Karate" game

    Stuart James Forrest

    World Martial Arts Union President
    1984 Heavyweight Champion, Armed Forces Open Karate Championship
    Peace Officer Defensice Tactics Instructor
    Former Nose Guard, University of Nebraska

    Ed Farris

    Instructor, Taekwondo, Arnis
    Phillipine born and trained
    Known in the tournament circuit

    Ramon Tirona

    Chief Instructor, Tirona's Korean Martial Arts Center
    Head Coach: North & South Tournament
    Head Coach and Trainer for KMAC

    Reynaldo Sucgang

    Instructor, Taekwondo
    Member, Board of Directors, WMAU
    Founder of Northern California Hapkido Association and WMAU

    Jin Y. Ko

    Chief Instructor, KMAC All Star Martial Arts
    Former competitor and award winning tournament champion
    Trained with Master Merrill Jung
    Trained with Grandmaster Ji, Han Jae in Korea

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